Dynamic Wrinkles

Custom sculpted wrinkle compression normal or displacement maps and alpha masks matching the areas affected by each blendshape. The masks can be baked into an atlas for optimization purposes. Integration with renderers or game engines is considered a separate and custom service.

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Hand sculpted wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are those formed by facial movements, such as squinting (think crow’s feet), smiling (think smile lines) and furrowing of the brow (think forehead wrinkles and frown lines).

Because these features are unique to every person and cannot be properly simulated or synthesized, we will take into account the physiognomy, age, and pre-existing texture maps and sculpt a set of wrinkles that match your character perfectly.

Normal/Displacement/Mask Textures

Depending on your pipeline, we will bake a normal or displacement map with all the compression wrinkles present. With this particular service, we only provide compression wrinkles since we deem it’s usually enough in most cases. If you also want to integrate stretching wrinkles, that will be considered as a separate and custom service.

Another important component of dynamic wrinkles is the way you trigger a specific area based on the compression done by the delta of the blendshape. As a first pass, we calculate the affected area using a special squash algorithm and we also do a manual second pass.


This setup is compatible with all major raytracing or real-time rendering solutions. Shader logic will have to be set up either with nodes or coded into the shader depending on the application. If you want poly.services to handle the implementation, please let us know, since this is considered a separate and custom service.

Service technical details

  • File formats

    The wrinkle displacement or normal maps will be baked based on your rendering solution!

    For game engines you will need a normal map saved as a Tiff, TGA or PNG

    For raytracing renderers you might need a displacement map saved as 32bit EXR depending on the mid value.

  • Alpha masks file formats

    The file format for the alpha mask can also vary based on the target application.

    For raytracing renderers we can bake 4 alpha masks (4 blendshapes) in the RGBA channels of PNG or TIFF files

    For games we can also combine all the png files in a single DDS atlas. The masks can be accessed by manipulating the UVs when we sample the Atlas texture.

  • Share facial animations

    If all your projects characters will use our blendshapes, you will easily be able to share the animations between them.

  • How does this service work?

    Either you combine this service with the F.A.C.S Blendshapes or Face Rigging services or you can just send us your model with existing blendshapes and we can create the wrinkle maps and deliver them once they are complete.

  • How long does it take?

    Usualy we can send the resulting wrinkle maps in 1 workday but that may vary based on our workload. We will notify you promptly with an estimation.