Maya Realtime PBR Shader

DirectX PBR Shader implementation for Maya`s Viewport 2.0. Works exactly as the native Ubershader that ships with Maya and its similar to the one in Unreal Engine or Substance Painter.

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Maya Viewport 2.0 PBR Shader

If your project uses a physically based material workflow (Substance Painter / Quixel Mixer) you will greatly benefit by using this shader to enhance Maya`s native rendering abilities.

It`s a “principled” BRDF

Based on Unreal`s shading model which in turn is based on Disney`s, it follows a set of simple principles:

  • Intuitive rather than physical parameters should be used.
  • There should be as few parameters as possible
  • Parameters should be zero to one over their plausible range.
  • Parameters should be allowed to be pushed beyond their plausible range where it makes sense.
  • All combinations of parameters should be as robust and plausible as possible.
Inputs and Switches
  • Linear space lighting (Switch) – Perform gamma correction.
  • Tone Mapping Function (Dropbox) – Change tonemapping ( None, Uncharted, Aces, Filmic )
  • Shadows (Switch) – Enable / Disable Shadows Map
  • Shadow Strenght (Slider) – Control the shadow amount
  • Shadow Bias (Slider) – Pushes the shadows into the surfaces
  • Inverse Square lighting (Switch) – The light falloff function
  • Double Sided Lighting (Switch) – Enable normals on both sides
  • Values and Texture Maps
  • Base Color (Value and Texture2D)
  • Metallic (Value and Texture2D)
  • Specular (Value and Texture2D)
  • Roughness (Value and Texture2D)
  • Normal (Value and Texture2D)
  • Ambient Occlusion (Value and Texture2D)
  • Extra switches for choosing between flat values or textures
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