Tech used:

Filter by Maya Filter by Unity Filter by Unreal Engine

Mera Rig

Mera Rig, built using BlackMagic Rigging Plugin developed by Emilian Burcea @ ArkStudios (Poly.Services). Rendered in Maya`s Viewport 2.0 with PBR shaders wrote by Emilian Burcea. Model and textures created by Georgian “Nimlot” Avasilcutei.

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Tech used:

Filter by 3D Studio Max Filter by Marvelous Designer Filter by Maya Filter by Python Filter by Substance Painter Filter by Zbrush

Candy Rig

Candy Rig, built using BlackMagic Rigging Plugin developed by Emilian Burcea @ Ark Studios. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Model and textures made by Georgian “Nimlot” Avasilcutei.

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Watch on Youtube

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ArkStudio`s 3dTechArt – Technical Art and Rigging Services and Products

ArkStudios offers a wide range of services and virtual products for CG artists and studios, meant to save lots of work hours and enhance certain aspects of your pipeline. With our online platform, you can get a fully rigged character with ~180 blendshapes in a short amount of time!



Custom Services and Tools.


If you have a custom project, feel free to contact us! We like to do R&D and find solutions to technical art mysteries! In our spare time we also build and sell various tools or shaders, so be sure to check out our website store or other marketplaces!



If you want to learn more about the development of our in-house tools or just other ideas we have on our drawing board, feel free to follow the link. Some of them might become products on our store, while others might be scrapped.

Georgian “Nimlot” Avasilcutei

I had the pleasure to get some of my models rigged by ArkStudios`s 3dTechArt. The quality of the work was amazing and I was impressed by level of detail and realism for the face rig. The jaw and eye movement is incredible. The wrinkle maps system is something that will surely be helpful in any project you work on. I definitely recommend them.

Braulio “Brav” FG

I’ve been testing and using the Black Magic plugin services for quite some time now, and the results have been outstanding. If you want to leave behind the traditional slow manual process of creating blendshapes, then this service will benefit you greatly. The facial rig is really user friendly, delivery times are fast and I always get surprised with each update. So can’t wait for more new features to be able to create realistic character animations!